Laura Mercier – 500 Point Sephora Gift

500 Point Sephora Gift

Laura Mercier

About a month ago there was a Sephora 500 point gift from Laura Mercier. I love this brand, between Laura Mercier and MAC it is basically all I use. The box had five items in it and I only had used two out of the five products before, the tinted moisture and the lip gloss. So, I got to try out three new products that I will absolutely be repurchasing.


1. Flawless Skin Face Polish

This is my favorite out of the five, I love skin care products. It cleanses and exfoliates your skin, I love the way it feels, like you are really getting a good clean base for your face. I am absolutely going to purchase this in the full size.

2. Foundation Primer – Radiance Bronze

This is perfect for the summer. It comes out of the bottle very dark but once you work in a small amount on your face it leaves your face with a bronzed glow.

3. Tinted Moisturizer – Nude

I already had this product and my normal shade is Porcelain, but since it is summer and I am tan, the Nude matches my skin tone right now.

4. Matte Radiance Baked Powder – Bronze – 03

I really like this powder because it leaves a radiant finish. This is a very dark shade for me so I use a small amount as a contour.

5. Lip Glace – Nectar

I had a Lip Glace before and I loved it because of the smell, and this has the same smell. Also, I am in love with this color for the summer. I plan to purchase this shade in the full size as well.

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