October Favorites


October Favorites

October has been so much fun. I went to New York City many times this month, for day trips and concerts. Many times to the city means many adventures. These are some of my favorite things I picked up this month. Besides that, nothing else exciting happened this month, I have been busy with back to school.


Doc Martens – Magdalena

These shoes are perfect. Comfortable. Just enough of a heel to give a bit of height. They look sleek but still a bit grungy. So many good things to say about these.

Topman x Nick Grimshaw

Love this shirt is is so soft. I love Nick Grimshaw, I wanted to get many things from his collection with Topman but this was my my favorite piece from the collection.

Halsey Tour Shirt


BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed – Moonstone

The perfect shade for my skin tone, I don’t know why I did not own this before now.

Kat Von D – Ink Liner

Same thing with this liner, I don’t know why I did not own this before now. This liner is so black and glides on so easily. I don’t think I will ever use anything else ever again for a wing liner.


5 Seconds Of Summer – Sounds Good Feels Good

Yes, I am a fan of 5SOS.. they went on tour with One Direction for two years so seeing them all the time made me start to like them. I liked their last album and I like this album too, don’t know what one I like better yet. I love a song off this album that is a target edition bonus track “The Story Of Another Us”. Besides that my top five off this album are “Jet Black Heart”. “Waste The Night”, “Castaway”, “Vapor”, & “Permanent Vacation”.



My best friend and I are very much obsessed with Halsey. We went to her show at Webster Hall. Not only is she beyond talented, she is such a genuine person and you can really tell that she cares about her fans. She put all of herself into her music and performing and you can tell that by watching one of her concerts. Anddd, she liked my picture I posted on Instagram from that night, so she made my year;). I can not wait to see her at Madison Square Garden next year.

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