November Favorites



November Favorites

November started off really really good, very calm and relaxed!! AND now it is ending really really hectic… Thanksgiving weekend, end of semester, Christmas shopping. December is here!


Forever 21 -Plus Size Ribbed Mock Neck Sweater

ASOS – DARLA Pointed Sneakers


Ofra Cosmetics – Miami Fever

LOVE this shade, it’s so unique. I saw many beauty bloggers talking about this shade and had to have it. Here is a picture of me wearing it.

Jeffree Star – Androgyny

This shade is part of the holiday collection. I LOVE IT! Perfect for this time of the year. It was darker than I thought but I think that might be because i’m so pale. Here is a picture of me wearing it.


Two of my favorite artists put out CDs this month. I have been listening to them non stop.

One Direction – Made In The A.M.

No secret that 1D is my fav.. I find it really hard to pic my favorite songs on this album. Some of my favorites are, If I Could Fly, Love You Goodbye, What A Feeling, Perfect & Never Enough. AND off the Deluxe edition have all of my favorites, I wish they were on the full length, LOVE Wolves, Temporary Fix & Walking In the Wind so much. So basically I love almost all the songs, there are a few I don’t love too much, but overall an amazing album.

Little Mix – Get Weird

This album is my JAM. I love Little Mix and I love their other albums so much but this is the best album that they have put out so far. I love Grown, OMG, Lighting, Clued Up & The End are my favorites. If you don’t listen to Little Mix and enjoy JAMS then I suggest you give this album a listen.

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