kylie lip kit

Kylie Lip Kit

Kylie Lip Kit


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Yayyyyyy I finally got my hands on a Kylie Lip Kit!

Okay, soo I didn’t want to cave in and get a lip kit because of all the drama going around Kylie and this product but I saw her release the color Exposed and I knew I absolutely had to try it out. I loveeeee colors like this one, so when I ordered it I knew one thing was definite and that was that I would love this color, and I did! (I need to try out the dupe now for this which is NYX London). Then, I tried it out, and I loveeee the formula and the way it wears. I primed my lips very well because I heard about how drying they were. But with good primed lips it wore very well. I have been wanting 22 as well and I can’t wait until I get that one too and see if all of the colors wear well. Definitely happy I made this purchase.


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