Soooo, here’s a little update. Six months after I graduated college I was still looking for job, it was March of 2020 and some little thing called covid19 started. Everyone’s (including mine) life got turned upside down. I was no longer looking of a post college job because everything was changing. My dream was to always own my own business and I love arts and crafts, so I finally started my arts and crafts business named KEEPIDEAS.

I had absolutely no ideas how to start or what to do but I knew I needed an outlet to put my time and energy into. So I started with clay earring, I saw them being made all over social media and though “well that looks easy enough”. Well, it wasn’t. I started off researching what to buy and tips and tricks, made a few batches, and hated all of them. Clay is not easy to work with and over a year later I am still learning how to make each batch of earrings better. The next part was putting everything on Etsy. I had just learned how to love making the earrings and feeling like they were good enough to sell. Now there was a whole other step of taking pictures of them and posting them all on Etsy. I can confidently say that I hated every part of that. I would love if I could just make the earrings and magically have great product photos of each pair of earrings, because I quickly learned that taking product photos is not my forte. It has been a year and a half from when I first started making earrings and I am just starting to really like the way they are all coming out, and I have learned a few tricks of my own.

But, I never wanted my business to just be earrings. KEEPIDEAS is an arts and crafts business and there will be many many more products to come. Recently I have been loving cross-stitching and hope to sell some of my pieces soon, when I feel like they are good enough to sell. I also have these tie-dye canvas all ready to sell, but they are pretty big and wouldn’t really know how to ship them. But, that will be the next listing on my Etsy page. They are gorgeous, if I do say so myself. Every single one is so different and can be used as wall art or to display your pin collection or hang pictures on like a cork board.

Sooooo, I will see where this arts and crafts business of mine takes me but it’s my main focus right now while I am still looking for a post college job.

My brand new holiday collection is on my Etsy page right now!!!!


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