May Favorites



MAC – 150 Brush

This is the perfect powder brush, when you are finished doing your makeup it just blends everything together so nicely and gives a flawless finish.

MAC – Subculture Lipliner

Obsessed! Perfect nude lipliner!!


Sub_Urban RIOT – KALE Loose Tee

I have seen this shirt EVERYWHERE! For some reason I was drawn to it and had to have it. It is a very nice material, I purchased my from a Nordstrom store.

Topshop – Floppy Felt Hat

I also purchased this from Nordstrom in the Topshop section. It just reminded me of summer and I thought it would go perfectly with a white outfit on the beach.

Birkenstock – ‘Arizona’ Soft Footbed Sandal

My parents always put me in Birkenstock as a kid. Of course when I was a kid though they weren’t popular and I was the only one kid in my summer camps wearing them. I have not had a pair since I was 13 so I figured that I would invest in a pair since I already knew how well they were made and how comfortable they are.


I went to a few Ed Sheeran concerts this month so I got the tour book. He is my favorite artist and it is coming up on three years since I saw him for the first time. The first time I saw him was June 12, 2012 at the Music Hall of Williamsburg in Brooklyn and there were 500 people there, now this past weekend I saw him at the Barclay”s Center in Brooklyn and there were 18,000 people there. So safe to say I was feeling a bit emotional. I was very excited for all of the shows and they were all amazing, like always. Every time I see him play a live show it just gets better and better.

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The Grammys


Yay! It’s Grammy Day!

I love the Grammys. It is my all time favorite award show. I remember being so excited to stay up and watch The Grammys when I was younger. I love the red carpet so much, seeing everyone dress up in the coolest outfits for the greatest music award show. Music has always been my first love from such a young age. I always love the collaborations that the artist do, they are my favorite. The last two years have been my favorite because my favorite artist, Ed Sheeran had been nominated. Sadly, he has not won a Grammy yet but maybe he will this year.

Both Ed Sheeran’s album X and Sam Smith’s Album In The Lonely Hour are nominated for a Grammy this year. They have been some of my favorite albums this past year and I hope they both win a Grammy.

As for guessing who will actually win a Grammy, I can’t. I feel like the people who pick the winners can be so random on who they choose. It always happens that I would want a certain artist to win but I would not get my hopes up ever because I would think the obvious choice would win and then some random person wins. It always happens. So now I just watch The Grammys to enjoy the performances and don’t get my hopes up too much that my favorite artist will win.

Have fun watching The Grammys tonight!

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