Hi there! I’m Kelly!

The past few weeks I have been thinking hard about what my first post should be about. Then, I thought that I should probably introduce myself first. So, here I go…

Hi there! I’m Kelly, I am twenty and I live in New York. Welcome to my fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog. I am currently attending college for business management but my passion is doing anything creative. I am just a shy, but not quiet, quirky, artsy type of person. I have always wanted to write a blog and start a YouTube channel for as long as I can remember. Whenever I have free time I am always watching some of my favorite people on YouTube and I am always wishing I had their life. Then about a year ago, I decided I was going to start a YouTube channel and a blog, even though I am not that great at writing. I thought that I have somewhat of an interesting life and a lot of free time, so why don’t I fill my free time with doing something I love.

I have always dreamed of owing a little “hole in the wall” cafe, bookstore, artsy type of place where people can come to listen to soothing acoustic music and relax, read, paint, knit or whatever they enjoy to do.

…but, in the meantime I am obsessed with fashion, love to discover new beauty products and take pictures to share with the world. I love how bloggers can inspire people to feel better by helping them with life situations and making fashion, beauty and lifestyle suggestions.

My goal in life is to inspire people and help them to be all that they can be.

So here we go time to finally start my blog!


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