Hey everyone! Long time no posts… yikes..

Well, I guess now is the best time to return to my website.

What has everyone been doing during this quarantine, I guess in my case I should ask what everyone been doing in the past two plus years that I have been away from my website? Most recently I graduated from college in August 2019 and I have been searching for a job ever since then (and unfortunately have not found anything yet.. and now because of coronavirus i’m probably not going to find anything anytime soon).
BUT…. now being in quarantine I have had a lot of time to basically regroup my entire life. It has given me a lot of time to reflect on the good and the bad of the last few years. I have done A LOT of arts and crafts to calm my mind, for example.. painting, stitching, coloring, knitting. I have also done a lot of cleaning and organizing to refresh my mind. And last journaling.. that has helped me so much to clear my mind, getting my thoughts on paper and out of my head is like the best thing for me during this quarantine. (and a lot of time playing animal crossing but we are not going to talk about that… haha)
So, where do I go from here? I am writing this for the world to see to hold me accountable. I no longer want to abandon my blog and my youtube because they both make me so happy. I call 2015/2016 “my prime” because that is when I started my blog and youtube and I was so very happy then. I lost myself, and it took some time but now I am ready to come back to “my prime” again. Slow and steady wins the race, right?

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Graduation 2019

** I graduated college May 10, 2019. It is almost exactly one year later and I wanted to put my Facebook post on my blog. Even if it can just help one person to hear my story.**

This is about to be a long emotional post for me because as most people know I am not a very talkative person in a social setting. This is hands down the proudest moment of my life thus far, and not just for graduating but for making it through the journey it took to get here. This may be a simple thing for some people, graduate high school then to college for four years and then get a job. I wish it was, but it was not that simple for me. As some of you may or may not know I struggle with mental illness and it affects every single day of my life. Because of this, it has been extremely hard for me to finish my degree, it took six very long years.
In the Fall 2013 I started commuting to nyc for school, two semesters in I dropped out of college because I mentally couldn’t handle it and I thought “oh I guess college just isn’t for me”. I applied to many trade job programs and couldn’t follow through with them. I took the summer off and was feeling very empty and nine months later I decided to go back to school but this time commute to Paramus. For a long time I loved this but then I started getting overwhelmed again and started skipping classes and dropping classes. I thought I wanted to focus on work more than school, so I switched to be an online student (let me just say this was a horrible decision for me and my mental illness). I just kept on pushing my problems under the rug.
About a year and a half ago I hit the lowest point of my life with my mental health. It was definitely a slow burn but then everything seemed to explode all at once. I quit my job, I stopped driving, I gained weight, I was not leaving the house and most disappointing was I was barely passing my classes. At this point I only had about two semesters worth of classes left. After pushing my problems under the rug for so long and always blowing off my mental illness as “oh I’m just lazy” or “oh guess I’m crazy” for so long, I finally realized I could not handle this anymore and went to the doctor and reached out for help.
My parents and Todd pushed me so hard every single day to just make it through the day and also get my classes done so I can finally get my degree. For this I am eternally grateful, I honestly would not be here today without the three of them. God is good, I have faith that he guided me out of my darkest times and blessed me with the most supportive parents and brought me Todd who is the absolute most supportive and perfect person for me.
So six long years later I am living out my dream finally walking in graduation. I am fully positive that if you ask for help and set your mind to something you can achieve it. I am so god damn proud of myself.
I’m going to be corny and end this post with two quotes that have got me through hard time… “You’re braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think” and “Be all that you can be”

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The 1975 Concert

Night Out: The 1975 Concert


Sunglasses: Quay High Key

Top: H&M

Skirt: Old Navy

Shoes: Marc Fisher


Highlight: Jeffree Star Cosmetics Ice Cold

Lip: Jeffree Star Cosmetics Nude Beach


sc: kellyerika


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Hi there! I’m Kelly!

The past few weeks I have been thinking hard about what my first post should be about. Then, I thought that I should probably introduce myself first. So, here I go…

Hi there! I’m Kelly, I am twenty and I live in New York. Welcome to my fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog. I am currently attending college for business management but my passion is doing anything creative. I am just a shy, but not quiet, quirky, artsy type of person. I have always wanted to write a blog and start a YouTube channel for as long as I can remember. Whenever I have free time I am always watching some of my favorite people on YouTube and I am always wishing I had their life. Then about a year ago, I decided I was going to start a YouTube channel and a blog, even though I am not that great at writing. I thought that I have somewhat of an interesting life and a lot of free time, so why don’t I fill my free time with doing something I love.

I have always dreamed of owing a little “hole in the wall” cafe, bookstore, artsy type of place where people can come to listen to soothing acoustic music and relax, read, paint, knit or whatever they enjoy to do.

…but, in the meantime I am obsessed with fashion, love to discover new beauty products and take pictures to share with the world. I love how bloggers can inspire people to feel better by helping them with life situations and making fashion, beauty and lifestyle suggestions.

My goal in life is to inspire people and help them to be all that they can be.

So here we go time to finally start my blog!