Selling My Closet 

Hi Guys!!

So I CLEANED OUT my closet and I decided to sell some things. Take a look at my Poshmark Profile of any of you are interested. Make offers on any item of you see something you like, I’m flexible with price I just want to get rid of some thing. And you can get a $10 credit when you join with code: PMZLJ.

I have a very wide variety of items up there and I will continue to post more. There are a lot of plus size items from my closet and some s/m items from my mom’s closet.

Changes coming…

Hello Everyone!
I am officially on my winter break! Yay!

I have a lot of exciting posts to come!

Also, my blog is almost a year old. I learned a lot my first year of blogging and there are about to be a lot of changes coming to my blog. Mainly I have set up a very strict schedule for me to stick to for my blog. I also will be FINALLY be starting a YouTube in the new year, I have said it for years and years (made videos ready to post and not posted them because they weren’t perfect) and I think I am finally ready to start it. Very scared and excited for that. I’m always so scared to post thing on my blog/ig/youtube (if it’s not perfect) but my goal for the new year is to let that go and post EVERYTHING, even if it isn’t perfect.

If you would like to keep up with my life in the new year, follow:

Instagram: @kellyerika

Twitter: @kellyerika

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21st Birthday

I’M 21

I had a lovely weekend for my 21st birthday.

Thursday my parents ordered food in and we watched a movie and they gave me my gift. I got beautiful earrings and surprised with tickets for Jingle Ball.

Friday I went to NYC for the day. I went with my parents and my friend Kelly to go see the tree and go shopping. Then Kelly and I went to Z100 Jingle Ball, it was amazing so many good people performed. Then we went to the Sugar Factory after for a drink.

OUTFIT: Coat, ASOS. Shirt, Forever 21. Jeans, Torrid. Sneakers, Reebok. Pure, Burberry. Sunglasses, Celine.

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Saturday was my birthday, I slept all morning and afternoon because I got home the night before at 5am. Then I got ready to go to dinner with my parents and my friend Carolyn, we had a lovely dinner. Then Carolyn took me out for drinks after.

OUTFIT: Dress, Topshop. Jacket, Torrid. Shoes, Steve Madden. Lip, Jeffree Star, Anna Nicole.

tumblr_nzdcddFap01uxxg5zo5_1280 tumblr_nzdcddFap01uxxg5zo6_1280 tumblr_nzdcddFap01uxxg5zo9_1280


Sunday I went to a Christmas party with my friends Carolyn and Jackie. Then Jackie came back to my house and we baked a cake and watched a movie, it was a lovely night.


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Let’s talk about tumblr…

Any fellow Tumblr lovers on here?

It’s a late night and i’m on Tumblr wondering if anyone on here is as has an account. I am extremely obsessed with Tumblr. I have had an account since I was 14 and haven’t gone a day without it. I now have 10 accounts. Here are some of them if you are interested in giving any of them a follow. They all have different themes.

These are my 5 most popular Tumblr accounts.


My first and main account.


All my personal pictures that I have taken myself.


My most popular Tumblr, all pictures are leather and flannels.


Cool girls only ; )


One Direction account.

Let me know if you have an account and follow me, i’ll follow back!


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Tom Ford – Neroli Portofino

Tom Ford Fragrances

Private Blend ‘Neroli Portofino’ Eau de Parfum


I thought I should share!

I have fallen in love! This scent is pure perfection! I was in Sephora one day just browsing around and smelling different scents and picked this one up. It is a scent you will either love or hate. The scent is very neutral, a man or a woman could wear it.

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Companies Showing Their Support

Some major companies are showing support to the LGBT community.


The company LUSH which makes fresh handmade cosmetics, made a sparkly gold and beautiful smelling bar of soap. Lush’s website says that it helps out the LGBT community and the campaign group All Out because money from your purchase funds grassroots campaign groups around the world. Lush encourages you to take a selfie with your bar of soap and post it on social media with #GayIsOk to raise awareness.

Purchase here!

American Apparel

American Apparel collaborated with Human Rights Campaign and came out with a Pride Tee. They come in short sleeve and tank top, and they are either black or white with the red equal sign.

Purchase here!

It has been two weeks since the Supreme Court voted in favor of marriage equality in the United States. There is still a very long way to go until the entire world is equal, but these are two companies that are raising awareness.

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