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21st Birthday

I’M 21

I had a lovely weekend for my 21st birthday.

Thursday my parents ordered food in and we watched a movie and they gave me my gift. I got beautiful earrings and surprised with tickets for Jingle Ball.

Friday I went to NYC for the day. I went with my parents and my friend Kelly to go see the tree and go shopping. Then Kelly and I went to Z100 Jingle Ball, it was amazing so many good people performed. Then we went to the Sugar Factory after for a drink.

OUTFIT: Coat, ASOS. Shirt, Forever 21. Jeans, Torrid. Sneakers, Reebok. Pure, Burberry. Sunglasses, Celine.

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Saturday was my birthday, I slept all morning and afternoon because I got home the night before at 5am. Then I got ready to go to dinner with my parents and my friend Carolyn, we had a lovely dinner. Then Carolyn took me out for drinks after.

OUTFIT: Dress, Topshop. Jacket, Torrid. Shoes, Steve Madden. Lip, Jeffree Star, Anna Nicole.

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Sunday I went to a Christmas party with my friends Carolyn and Jackie. Then Jackie came back to my house and we baked a cake and watched a movie, it was a lovely night.


B E  A L L  T H A T  Y O U  C A N  B E

L O V E, K E L L Y

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Steve Madden Boots


Steve Madden



I thought I should share my recent boots purchase. I am a boots girl, I wear them year round so obviously I love boots season. I purchased two black pointed toe, one with a heel and one without (had to replace my old pair because they were falling apart). Unfortunately the one without the heel doesn’t fit me and I have to return and get a bigger size.

The one that I am wearing in the picture above it Toxiccc.

B E  A L L  T H A T  Y O U  C A N  B E

L O V E, K E L L Y

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NYC Lookbook

NYC Lookbook

This past weekend I was in the city two days in a row. Saturday I took my best friends (who are sisters) to the city for their birthday. We walked all throughout Central Park, Strawberry Fields, Bethesda Fountain and the Alice in Wonderland statue were the main attractions. Then we went to a lovely lunch at Rue 57, one of my favorite restaurants. Of course then we went shopping, Zara and Topshop.

Then I went back on Sunday with my parents, they are going to be on vacation here for a week and I came to visit. We went out to dinner at my all time favorite restaurant Redeye Grill.

xx kelly


Central Park Look






Dress: Boohoo

Jacket: Torrid

Shoes: Reebok

Scarf: Burberry

Sunglasses: Celine

Purse: Forever 21


Night out in NYC Look



Shirt: Banana Republic

Jacket: DKNY

Jeans: Torrid

Neck Tie: Zara

Shoes: Steve Madden

Purse: Saint Laurent

B E  A L L  T H A T  Y O U  C A N  B E

L O V E, K E L L Y

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LA Lookbook

LA Lookbook

I recently went on a very nice week long vacation to Los Angeles (reason why I have not been posting much) and I thought it would be nice if put together a little lookbook of what I wore when I was there.

I will try to link as much as I can, some items are really old.

Enjoy! xx kelly



Rodeo Drive Outfit

Shirt: Ralph Lauren

Skirt: Topshop

Shoes: Steve Madden

Clutch: Ralph Lauren


Hollywood Walk of Fame & Hollywood Sign Outfit

Hat: Ralph Lauren

Sweater: Ralph Lauren

Jeans: Torrid

Shoes: Vans


The Nice Guy Restaurant Outfit

Dress: BooHoo

Jacket: ASOS

Shoes: Steve Madden

Clutch: Ralph Lauren


Dinner on Marina Del Rey Outfit

Shirt: H&M

Skirt: H&M

Shoes: Steve Madden

Clutch: Ralph Lauren


Santa Monica Pier & Venice Beach Outfit

Dress: Topshop

Shoes: Berkinstock

Purse: Ralph Lauren

Sunglasses: Miu Miu

B E  A L L  T H A T  Y O U  C A N  B E

L O V E, K E L L Y

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April Favorites


This month was a fun one. Friends from Germany came and visited the family and we all had a great time. We went to Bear Mountain and shopping and NYC and shopping. It was a good time. I also went to go prom dress shopping for my mom’s godchild at Macy’s in NYC. So I was at many shopping centers this month.



Lip colors in order listed below.

YSL – Baby Doll Kiss & Blush – Number 12 Mocha Garconne

I already made a separate post about this but it also deserves to be in my favorites. Not only is it my favorite color I have seen on my lips ever, it feels like butter on your lips as well. I want to stock up on these so I will never be without it.

Bite Beauty – High Pigment Pencil – Madeira

My friend Luisa introduced me to Bite Beauty and I picked up two different formulas from her recommendation and I am loving them. This one is very creamy, and this shade is a very nice nude.

Bite Beauty – Matte Crème Lip Crayon – Léché

This one is matte but still feels so creamy and doesn’t dry out my lips at all. Love this shade as well.

MAC – Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15

My foundation shade has always been off so I finally went to get a new foundation. I didn’t know how much I needed a new foundation until I got this one. I am in love with the finish that it gives on my face and it feels so much better than my previous foundation. I would not wear this every single day because it is a medium to full coverage and I don’t need that everyday but for the days I want to wear a full face of makeup it is perfect. It feels like it isn’t even there. I was matched twice, the first I was matched to NW20 and the second time NW10. The NW10 matches me perfectly but if I am feeling pale then I will add a bit of NW20 to warm up my face.  (I have oily to normal skin)


Steve Madden

I love these so much, I am going to wear them all summer. Any type of black boots are my favorite.


American Candy – The Maine

My favorite band came out with a new cd! Nothing else has been in my cd player since. There are some albums that you wish you could tweet and mark up every journal with the lyrics on the cd and this is definitely one of those albums.

B E  A L L  T H A T  Y O U  C A N  B E

L O V E, K E L L Y

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January Favorites


This month I went back to college after the longest break ever, from May to December, and had time to explore the world and myself. But now finally in January it was time to get back into the groove of things and finish my college degree. I would be lying to myself and everyone else if I did not admit that getting back to a normal routine was very difficult. With stress comes retail therapy, so here are my favorites from the month.

Also, I will be on a schedule with posting now. There will be a new post at least once a week, every Sunday, and maybe if I am feeling inspired twice a week. Oh, and of course my monthly favorites the last day of each month.


| 1 |  Steve Madden – Rumi Boots – White

I love black boots so much, so why not get them in white. I can not wait to wear these with either tights and a dress or with light wash jeans in the summer.


| 2 | MAC – Viva Glam – Miley Cyrus

I can’t rave enough about this color, when I put the lipstick and the gloss on for the first time I was almost in tears! It is the perfect pink color.


| 3 | Kate Spade – Little Gold Book

Saw it, thought it was too cute, needed to have it. Notebooks are never a waste for me, I am always writing or doodling something.


| 4 | Lena Dunham – Not That Kind of Girl

I am obsessed with Lena Dunham. She is perfect. That is all I have to say. Read it!


| 5 |  Fall Out Boy – American Beauty / American Psycho

I’m not going to lie, I did not have a countdown set for this album. I heard it was coming out and was not super excited but as soon as I picked it up I did not take it out of my cd player. I didn’t think anything would top Save Rock and Roll for me because I was in love with that album but I enjoy this album very much. My personal favorites after listening to the album a few times are Irresistible, The Kids Aren’t All Right & Novocaine but I am sure that will change the more I listen to the album.


| 6 | Twinings – Pure Camomile

So calming, it has been the perfect tea for this month.


Both of these songs I discovered this month and have been stuck in my head ever since I heard them for the first time.

| + | James Bay – Let It Go

I heard this song for the first time on Sirius Coffee House Station. I instantly fell in love with it and searched for it. Then suddenly I saw him popping up everywhere, a show in NYC, at the Burberry Fashion Show and opening for Taylor Swift on the European leg of the tour (ugh wish it was in America).

| + | Shura – Touch

I was watching YouTube videos and came across this video. Love the video, fell in love with the song instantly. Wish it was on iTunes in America. Can’t get it out of my head.

B E  A L L  T H A T  Y O U  C A N  B E

L O V E, K E L L Y

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