The 1975 Concert

Night Out: The 1975 Concert


Sunglasses: Quay High Key

Top: H&M

Skirt: Old Navy

Shoes: Marc Fisher


Highlight: Jeffree Star Cosmetics Ice Cold

Lip: Jeffree Star Cosmetics Nude Beach


sc: kellyerika


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Charlotte Tilbury Haul

Charlotte Tilbury

I recently had my first purchase of Charlotte Tilbury products. I was at Nordstrom and noticed a new makeup counter. I have been dying to try some Charlotte Tilbury products so I had to go over and take a look. I started off simple and just got lip and cheek products this time. I am not a blush girl but while I was there the makeup artist working at the counter was dying to put this blush on me and ever since then I have been hooked. I am obsessed with this blush and the color of it. Then I wanted to find a perfect nude lipstick shade, I am so picky trying to find the right nude, and this one is the perfect shade for me. It also is such a great formula and feels so good on the lips. Then I told her that I was a gloss girl and she recommended two glosses for me, I love these glosses so much they are the perfect colors for me. I can not wait to try more Charlotte Tilbury products.

Blush: Ecstasy

Lipstick: Nude Kate

Lipgloss: Seduction & Ibiza Nights

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Marc Jacobs Beauty – Hi-Shine Gloss

Marc Jacobs Beauty

Hi-Shine Gloss Lip Lacquer Lipgloss

Purchase here!




French Tickler

I am OBSESSED with these glosses. I am a gloss girl and I have to say they are my all time favorite. They are so creamy and shiny and stay on forever. I love the colors I picked and I hope to collect them all. 100% would recommend!

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My Perfect Primer


One Step Correct

Purchase here!

Umm hello to the best primer ever!

Stila says that this is a serum that color corrects, brightens, primes and nourishes the skin. I have a very uneven skin tone and it doesn’t completely make my skin flawless but it does take down the redness and brightens. I also look for a lot of moisture in my primer without being oily (because I have oily skin) and this makes my skin feel so plump and moisturized. On top of all that makeup lays perfectly overtop of it. It it my perfect primer.

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I’m Backkk

Hellooooo Everyone! I’m Backkk!!!

Wow, okay, I have not posted since March!?

Here has been what has been going on…

First school, my school is switching from quarters to semesters and I had two very hard short quarters in a row. I was trying very hard to do extremely well, and I guess hard work pays off because I got a 4.0!

Second job, I just started working at Torrid last month (my dream job since I was 14) right after I got done with my quarter. I am finally just getting settled into the job.

I was never a person that was normally very busy so when everything all happened at once I had to get used to it, and it gave me little time for inspiration for new makeup and clothes looks/purchases.

But now I am settled and July I will start up with my blog posts and YouTube videos again.

I can’t wait to get back into it, I’ve missed it so much.


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Gold Reeboks + YouTube Update


I have been DYING to get my hands on these since December and they were sold out everywhere but then ASOS had them. So happy about this purchase. I have a thing with gold shoes.


I posted some thing that I have been recording the past few months. My camera quality is very bad so I am looking into cameras so I can be happier with what I put on YouTube. But, in the meantime.. MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL.

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