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GRWM: Full Coverage & Wing Eyeliner

GRWM: Full Coverage & Wing Eyeliner

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Hi Everyone!
For this video I did my fist GRWM! I am very happy with this video and spent more time on editing. I put the brushes I used in the top left corner and showed some shades I use. I also added in how I normally touch up my hair. This is my go to full coverage makeup look with my oh so famous Kelly’s big ass wing;) Hope you all like the video!

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How to get a “Bronze Summer Glow” from Laura Mercier


Laura Mercier

Radiance Bronze Primer

Face Illuminator Powder

A month ago I wrote a post here about a 500 point Sephora gift that I got. I ended up loving many things from that box. One of them was the Radiance Bronze Primer. I started to use this in my everyday routine, so I purchased a full bottle. Then this past week I saw the Face Illuminator Powder (which is a limited edition product) and fell in love with that, it is a beautiful hilighter. So, both of these products inspired me to do a “Bronze Summer Glow” post because that is exactly what you get when you use these together. For me, I think the best way to use these products is with my Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer because it has the most natural and lightweight summer look. But, I also use it with my normal foundation as well and it still works.

Below: Face Illuminator Powder

Below: Radiance Bronze Primer


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